Luma Financial Technologies Taps Yieldstreet for Alternative Investments

  • Luma Financial Technologies is deepening its partnership with Yieldstreet.
  • Luma Financial Technologies will bring Yieldstreet’s alternative investment offerings to Luma’s customers.
  • Yieldstreet provides access to alternative investments, including real estate, private equity, art, supply chain financing, and more.

Investment technology company Luma Financial Technologies announced it plans to deepen its partnership with alternative investments platform Yieldstreet.

Under the partnership, Luma will bring Yieldstreet’s alternative investment offerings to Luma’s customers. The move broadens the access that Luma’s RIA clients have to alternative investment products that play a role in building a diversified portfolio for end customers. Among the diversified assets Yieldstreet provides access to are real estate, private equity, art, supply chain financing, and more. The partnership will also offer Luma users educational training, post-trade advisor management, and reporting tools.

“Undoubtedly, technology stands as the pivotal factor in democratizing access to alternative investments, empowering financial advisors to construct portfolios for their clients that include a wider range of diversified solutions,” said Luma Financial Technologies CEO and President Tim Bonacci.

Yieldstreet launched its alternative investment platform in 2015 to provide access to a wide range of asset classes– including art, real estate, legal, corporates, consumer, and commercial– via single investments or funds. The company also offers short-term notes on offerings with terms between three and six months. Since launch, Yieldstreet has enabled over 450,000 members to access its alternative assets, which are traditionally accessible only to institutions and high-net-worth individuals. 

“Through the combination of Luma’s pioneering product data and analytics with Yieldstreet’s extensive array of premium private market alternative options, our users gain greater access and transparency to products that can play a key role in building multifaceted portfolios on behalf of their clients,” said Yieldstreet CEO Michael Weisz. “We’re excited to continue building upon our synergies with Yieldstreet and to take yet another step forward in making alternative investments accessible to all investors.”

Founded in 2018, Luma offers broker/dealer firms, RIA offices, and private banks access to its fintech software. The customizable technology platform helps financial teams more efficiently research, purchase, and manage alternative investments and annuities.

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