West Bend man returns basketball team’s money found on road

Finding a large amount of money with no clear owner could be seen as a holiday gift in itself, but one West Bend delivery driver saw an opportunity not just for himself but for others.

As a Door Dash driver, Jordan Shaw knows the roads well. Leave it to him to spot something unusual. On a delivery one night earlier this week, he saw what looked like dollar bills coming off the top of a truck.

“I kept going in my mind, I’m like I swear that’s some money,” Shaw said.

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Shaw came back, pulled over and sure enough found cash. It added up to more than $250.

“Picking up bills all over the place,” said Shaw. “I grabbed as much as I could, and I got back in my car.”

Jordan Shaw described finding money on the road

It is at that moment that many people might face a fork in the road. His moral compass led him only one way, though: the high road.

“It’s just not good when you lose something, especially like that and no one returns it,” Shaw said. “Bad karma will get you, and same with the good.”

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Police helped Shaw find who the scattered bills belonged to. Money raised by a West Bend High School basketball team for their program is now returned.

“I was very excited about that. That was kind of cool, especially because I’m a big basketball guy,” said Shaw.

Shaw said keeping the money was never an option. 

“Didn’t think twice. I’m a big believer in God, too, and he sees everything,” said Shaw.

West Bend East High School; West Bend West High School

His 6-year-old daughter was also paying attention.

“Teach her what’s right to do. Never to steal or take anything that’s not yours and do the right thing,” said Shaw.

“As long as you do right and help each other out and help one another out, that’s all we can do is strive for it.”

It is believed the money was placed in a box on top of the vehicle before it drove away. It happened near the high school, which is thanking Shaw – saying the money was hard-earned and that he taught the basketball team a valuable lesson about honesty.

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