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‘We don’t take it lightly that 35,000 Canadians need our distributions’

“I would call us the preeminent Canadian real estate investment firm offering solutions across the spectrum for Canadian clients,” Rajagopalan told Wealth Professional. ”I think what we’re most proud of is that we get capital from a wide array of sources, from direct line support from the advisor network all the way to pensions and endowments.”

Looking forward, he plans to strengthen its interests in the strongest markets in the United States. Trez already has offices in Atlanta, Florida, and Dallas and a growing business in Florida, Texas, and the south-eastern states. The population there is large and growing, and he noted it also has low state income tax and a business-friendly environment. 

“We’ll take the opportunities as they come our way with this population growth, specifically in housing, apartments and self-storage,” he said.

Trez Capital just launched a new Trust Private Real Estate Equity Fund at the end of August, which is attracting its Canadian advisors’ and institutional clients’ support. So, it plans to grow it in 2022 and then focus where businesses are flocking, and the population is growing. Initially, that’s Texas, but the company is also looking at Arizona.   

“The fund is an open-ended vehicle, whereas most of these vehicles on the equity side are closed-ended. It took 18 months to create because we were looking to really satisfy the needs of investors that wanted access to real estate equity, specifically on the development side,” he said, noting it will take in capital monthly for its joint ventures with the U.S. developers who are its partners. 

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