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I hope that everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. By the way, how do you know when you have eaten too much over the Holiday? You have to take out your bathrobe.

The somewhat scaled back Build Back Better Act, Human Infrastructure Bill, Reconciliation Bill, call it what you will, is still constantly in the news. Am I the only one who wishes that Congress would just pass it or drop it, so we wouldn’t have to keep hearing the same old things, with no real new information or analysis to allow us to critically evaluate it, including its possible impact on inflation, a subject we will soon address?

As I am writing this column, we are still waiting for the Congressional Budget Office to score the Bill and tell us whether it is “paid for,” whatever that means. However, as we have discussed in this column, other “non-partisan” organizations have pointed out a number of things that will make the overall Bill much more expensive in the long run for taxpayers. These include that many of the programs provided for are now ending earlier than first proposed, with the hopes that once put in place they will be extended.

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