The importance of investing in your veterinary team

During a dvm360® interview, Bridget Rollins, EMBA, revealed why it is important to invest in your veterinary teams in today’s climate, plus how this can lead to a more robust staff and healthier work culture.

At the San Diego Fetch dvm360® conference, Bridget Rollins, EMBA, vice president of operations at Thrive Pet Healthcare, shared the value of practices investing in their team to promote growth and loyalty amid these challenging times, plus the benefits of having additional training resources for your staff.

View the video below for the entire discussion. The following is a partial transcript:

Bridget Rollins, EMBA: By taking it a step further and really investing in the growth of your team, that’s where you’ll start to get better team members because you’re typically improving their skill—be it a soft skill or technical skill—but you also inadvertently create a greater sense of loyalty because they see that as a leader, you’re taking time to really invest in them.

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