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Tax Query: How to get TDS certificate from mutual funds?

I have a few doubts with respect to my ITR for FY 2020-21 i.e. current AY 2021-22. I have invested ₹20,000 in Templeton India Equity Income Fund in 2006 under NFO. Since then periodical dividends declared under the scheme are getting credited to my savings a/c through ECS regularly and are accounted for in my ITR returns of the respective financial years. Since the Finance Act 2020 is modified and the dividends are now taxable in the hands of investors, the mutual fund has deducted TDS and paid the balance of the dividend to my savings account. Since I have not received Form 16 A for the TDS made by the mutual fund, I have sent a mail to the RTA of the MF. Initially, they have asked for a self-attested copy of my PAN card which I have provided to them. Now the RTA has replied that my PAN was not registered in FY2020-21 with them and was registered subsequently and hence, they are unable to fetch the TDS certificate for the FY2020-21. Since, the TDS was deducted on the dividend amount paid to me, kindly inform me how I can obtain TDS certificate and show them in my returns.

I also request you to kindly inform me how to show them in the current ITR in the absence of Form 16A.

Further, I am a retired pensioner and an amount of ₹15 lakh is invested in PMVVY Scheme and am receiving quarterly amount. Please clarify under what head should the amount be shown. Apart from my pension, during the year I have incomes including interest on bank deposits, dividend income from shares and MFs, interest income from NCDs, sovereign gold bonds, savings bank A/c, infra bonds, interest on NHAI tax-free bonds and short term & long-term capital gains. I have one self-occupied house property. My total income during the year is less than ₹50 lakh and I do not have any agriculture income. In the light of the above, I request you to kindly inform me which ITR return I have to file?

Rama Krishna

Dividend shall be taxable under the head ‘Income From Other Sources’ (IFOS) as per the Act. If your PAN is available with brokerage company/fund manager, the taxes deducted would be reported in your Form 26AS based on which the TDS credit can be claimed in the tax return. Where the company has not deposited the TDS/filed the TDS return, due to absence of your PAN details, you are required to complete the KYC formalities and provide the scanned copy of PAN to enable them to do the needful.

Pension income earned from Prime Minister Vaya Vandana Yojana Scheme (PMVVY) of LIC of India is fully taxable and shall be reported under the head IFOS. Please be informed that bank interest, dividend income from shares/mutual funds, interest income from infrastructure bonds, NCDs and sovereign gold bonds shall be taxable under the head IFOS. Short term capital gain/long term capital gain on sale of shares needs to be reported under the head capital gains.

Considering your income pattern, you are required to file ITR 2 for the FY 2020-21.

In the issue dated September 5, 2021, you have mentioned that if money is gifted to relatives, any interest earned out of that will be taxed in the hands of the recipient only. In a similar manner If shares allotted in an IPO are gifted to spouse, and if they are sold within a period of one year, will the short term capital gain be taxed in the hands of the recipient of the gift? If yes, what sort of record should be kept?


Your spouse is not required to pay any tax on receiving shares from you as a gift. However, Section 64(1)(iv) of the Act provides for clubbing of income in the hands of the transferor when assets are transferred for inadequate consideration. Providing gifts to your spouse would amount to transfer for inadequate consideration. Accordingly, any gains arising from sale of such shares is taxable in your hands. Besides documentation evidencing cost of acquisition of shares, sale consideration, selling expenses, etc., and documentation related to gift (like gift deed) needs to be kept on record.

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