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Nvidia and Amazon AI supplier Foxconn is investing in Mexico

Photo: Jose Luis Gonzalez (Reuters) For many, hearing the name Foxconn immediately brings to mind iPhone production. It’s true, the Taiwanese company is a major producer of Apple’s smartphones and other products. But it also makes something companies like Nvidia, Amazon, and more are in high demand of: AI-related hardware. And Big Tech companies in the U.S. would like that …

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Wealth edition 25-Mar-2024 to 31-march-2024

Frothy valuations, illiquid portfolios and concentrated investor mix. These were among the biggest concerns of market regulator, Sebi, when it ordered the mid- and small-cap funds to undergo comprehensive stress tests recently. This exercise—now slated to be a monthly affair— is aimed at unearthing the latent risk in a mid- or small-cap fund when the markets are under stress. The …

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