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After Ivy League, Public Schools Offer Higher ROI

Many elite private colleges underperform when it comes to the average student’s return, an analysis shows. By Paulina Cachero Francesca Maglione Cedric Sam Denise Lu April 10, 2024 Almost everyone wants to go to an Ivy League school. But if you don’t get in — and most don’t — your next best option isn’t necessarily the most prestigious college that …

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Edelweiss’ Radhika Gupta Shares 5 Tips On Investing For Children: ”Do Monthly SIPs”

SIP is one of the popular saving and wealth accumulation tools in the investment market Radhika Gupta, Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director of Edelweiss Mutual Fund, recently shared some valuable tips for parents seeking to start their children’s investment journey. Ms Gupta, who has always advocated for early-age investing, believes that new parents must start investing financially in their children at the …

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