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Should You Buy Fractional Shares of Amazon? | Personal Finance

But it can also be a really great way to maybe invest in a company that perhaps have a little more volatility risks to it and maybe not have that be too large a part of your portfolio.

In terms of what percentage of my portfolio, I’m invested in all stocks sort of equally. I’d say it comprises right now, I have 10 holdings, so it comprises I would say about 10% of my portfolio. Are either of you invested in Amazon?

Connor Allen: I’m not. I used to be. [laughs]

Toby Bordelon: Yeah, I still am.

Allen: I have a couple reasons besides the fact that I just wanted to be invested in some other stuff. [laughs] I’ll probably regret it later. I mean, I already kind of do. [laughs]

Bordelon: I am. One of my wife’s RAs, one of my kids had it too in their account. That’s the thing, I think you’d have to use fractional shares for something like this. When you think about it, if the current price–

Say you’re someone who makes $50,000 a year, which is not a bad salary, or say I’m going to invest 10% of my income in a stock market every year, that’s $5,000. More than half of that will be Amazon if you buy one share.

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