Saving and Investing for the Young Investor

By Anthony Lupo, CFP, Rob Tilson, CFP, and Eric Tilson

These days, young people looking to invest have more options and platforms than ever before. Starting to invest at a young age is paramount to building long-term wealth, as the power of compounding works its magic over the years.

The easy thing to do would be to tell any person under 30 to invest in an ETF or basket of diversified stocks in a brokerage account and let the market work for them. While this is still a great option, there are other investment vehicles that may prove even more beneficial over the short or long term. While there are many options for investing extra savings, we want to touch on a few places that young people, or really people of all ages, can put extra money: namely, paying down debt, utilizing retirement plans through an employer, and fully utilizing an HSA (if available).

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