India’s first personal finance narrative-led podcast that doesn’t talk about investments … where Money meets Mind

NEW DELHI, Jan. 8, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — There are over 5 million podcasts on Spotify, and Finance & Money as a category captures the largest share among all the shows, majority of them talking about money only from the lens of investing. This need led to the curation of a comprehensive and insights-filled podcast on personal finance called Temperament by 1 Finance, India’s first narrative-led podcast where Money Meets Mind, hosted by Ashish Chawla, a financial expert and a researcher in human behavior.

This podcast, curated by Apple Podcasts under the ‘New and Noteworthy’ category is garnering impressive traction while simultaneously emerging as ‘the most listened to podcasts’ on Apple Podcasts across multiple categories: Business, Investing and All Podcasts: India. Placed at #1 in the Investing genre and #9 in the Business genre, the podcast is proficient in enabling listeners discover the secrets behind making right money choices and decoding the psychology behind money that challenges their financial mojo. With Spotify featuring the show in its list of ‘Fresh Finds’ and topping the charts on Cashbox, Temperament by 1 Finance is being highly appreciated for engaging listeners for the richness of content and its insights.

The weekly podcast has touched upon critical themes, be it the emotional aspect of owning a home versus purchase, understanding the hidden costs of credit products, demystifying the types of insurance & their coverages, importance of succession planning or creating a financial roadmap that maps your lifestyle goals. Backed by deep research, trends analysis and years of experience from the experts, the podcast continues to bring to the forefront quirky, absurd and fascinating ways our brains influence our financial decisions.

Produced by WYN Studio, a creative content studio and production house known for their branded digital content IPs and podcasts, roped in a stellar line-up of guests to hightlight the finer nuances of finance psychology in tandem with the podcast philosophy.

Keval Bhanushali, Co-founder & CEO, 1 Finance said, “1 Finance was built with the vision of a century hence, and education about Financial Planning not being limited to investment planning was the first step. We wanted to create this along with the other amazing industry folks, and couldn’t have asked for better people to share their experiences and expertise with the listeners. A fresh approach by Bijay Gautam, Co-Founder at WYN Studio and his team has given this podcast a complete lift, we are glad with the amount of love and traction the show is garnering.”

 Jeet Marwadi, Founder and MD, 1 Finance further shared, “Temperament is not just a podcast about finance; it’s a journey into the depths of self-understanding. It reveals that managing money isn’t merely about figures, it’s fundamentally about understanding oneself. The heart and soul of this podcast comes from the host Ashish Chawla, and his expertise in finance and insights into human behavior. Our partnership with WYN Studio has been extraordinary. Their commitment to quality and masterful storytelling has profoundly amplified our message. I am deeply grateful for this collaboration that has significantly enhanced the essence of Temperament.”

Souniya Khurana, Co-Founder & CEO, WYN Studio mentioned, “Since 2019, WYN has been known to produce content which is path-breaking, immersive, and compelling. Temperament pushed us to not just experiment with the format but be creatively brave, and for that, I must give credit where it’s due. It was Founders and leaders like Keval Bhanushali and Jeet Marwadi at 1 Finance who did not just give us creative liberty but were also thoroughly involved at every step to ensure the audience truly gets maximum value per minute of their time spent in listening to the podcast. Of course, the show production team headed by Shail Shukla at WYN went over and above to deliver and align to the vision of the show and evident in the consistently climbing show rankings.”

Bijay Gautam, Co-Founder, WYN Studio, said, “It is a delight to work on podcasts and content that truly engages with the audience. When we think of podcasts, most people assume the format to be conversation-led and an interview between the host and the guest. Our core belief at WYN has been to first empathize with the audience of each show we produce and answer ‘What will create maximum value for the audience and how can we be instrumental in creating that value?’. That ensured we not only identified and worked with the best person to host, but also the way we deep-dived and researched every theme on the show, weaved insights from 3-4 experts in every episode, and packaged that into an incredibly insightful narrative.”

About 1 Finance

 A new-age personal finance institution and India’s first holistic financial planning & advisory institution with a focus on
those to whom living a good life matters and those who carry a want to double down on their life goals. The aim is to equip one with the knowledge and tools to achieve financial independence and well-being. Unlike traditional financial planning and advisory services, their offerings are rooted in psychology and human experience.

 About WYN Studio

WYN Studio, co-founded by Souniya Khurana and Bijay Gautam, is a new age media venture and India’s most sought-after branded content agency. Trusted by brands like 1 Finance, Amazon,, Spotify, Mamaearth, HP, Pearl Academy, Mindvalley, Unitus VC, Prime Venture Partners and many more, WYN is known for its interactive, immersive and high-performing content in the form of podcasts, short-form videos, brand anthems, interactive magazine, digital marketing collaterals and a lot more. WYN Studio is where Power of Content meets Brand Stories.

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