Perkinston mother sets up craft booth to raise money for son with disability

MCHENRY, Miss. (WLOX) – Hundreds flocked to the McHenry Christmas Craft Show to take in a wide range of local vendors, one of which was selling goods to give her son a better life.

Glenda Breland is in charge of Matt’s Mobile Market but she couldn’t open for business without those closest to her.

“My family and friends have donated everything,” Breland said.

Breland and her loved ones drove a trailer of goods from fair to fair with the hopes of raising money for her son, Matthew, through Matthew’s Fund, Inc.

“He was born premature when he was three days old. He had a stroke,” she said.

She shares her son’s story in hopes of inspiring others to help pitch in any way they can.

“People from churches are donating. I had a lady from “Christians in Camo” and they came and donated a bag of stuff and said ‘Here, sell,’” she said.

Each chance she gets, Glenda steps up to the plate as a salesperson, while also homeschooling her other son. She’s Matthew’s full-time caregiver while he deals with cerebral palsy, Asperger’s and autism.

“He is physically a 15-year-old in all shapes, forms and fashions but mentally he stopped maturing at two,” she said.

The workload and emotional stress take a toll on Breland, especially after her insurance denied her request for a special vehicle for her son.

“The state does not deem a wheelchair-accessible van a necessity,” she said. “So we have to find the van and they will put a wheelchair lift in it, but the van has to be two-three years or newer and under 50,000 miles.”

The need to raise money has the family setting up shop just about every weekend. It’s a type of commitment they said is worth it, to help a family member in need.

“Right now, we are looking to raise about $70,000 and we have $4,000 of it,” Breland said.

Loved ones would love to see a new van for Matthew this Christmas but until their hopes become reality, they celebrate what they can.

“About three months ago, he said mama for the first time in like 10 years and it really got me,” Breland said.

You can find more information about Matthew by clicking here.

The family is also asking for any prayers and donations.

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