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NFT Real Estate Investments is picking up as an alternative investment!

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Digital land in Paris on OVR



The metaverse is a digital world where people play, work, advertise, socialize, and transact. Metaverses include characters, virtual cities, virtual entertainment, games, arts, collectibles, and economies. It is the entry point that enables an evolution from the “free to play” models in the web and gaming to “play to earn” models, a concept that is pioneering Web 3.0. There are several methods of interactions in a metaverse with combined use of VR and AR. Blockchain-based metaverses distribute ownership and value through native cryptocurrency tokens to their users, players, and landowners.


Digital Real Estate enabled by NFTs

Investment in digital real estate occurs by purchasing a minted Land on the blockchain which is in the form of non-fungible tokens (NFTs). An NFT is a special token that is unique and not mutually interchangeable. Cryptocurrencies like Ethereum and many other utility tokens are fungible in nature.


Market Opportunity

NFTs witnessed a total annual transaction volume for NFTs of $338M in 2020. This figure exploded in 2021 by approximately 4 times and reached $1.2B in the first quarter of 2021 alone, $1.3B in the second quarter of 2021, and a mind-blowing $10.7B in the third quarter (source: DappRadar). Pioneered by several platforms and lately by Facebook, metaverse assets and NFT real estate are growing very rapidly as well. Over the past two quarters, Q2 and Q3 2021, digital real estate had over $107M in transaction volume (source: There is a steep upward trend in sales volume, price, and a number of transactions each week for metaverse real estate assets.

The opportunity in the metaverse is enormous. According to Pitchbook, the NFT market will be valued in the hundreds of billions of dollars by 2022, and will cross trillion-dollar by 2030.  



There are several platforms to buy digital lands from such as Sandbox, Decentraland, and OVR. They have all witnessed a steep increase in price in their tokens a sign of adoption by users.

One of the smallest but fast-growing is OVR, which is a Metaverse Platform for live events, gaming, AI Assistants, tourism, virtual retail, avatars, education.

You can buy several OVR lands on Mintable.

For example, there is one located near the Eiffel Tower in Paris:

or the one located near Burj Khalifa, the tallest tower in the world, located in Dubai:




Mintable is a next-generation non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace built on the Ethereum & Zilliqa blockchain. Launched in 2018, Mintable has pushed the NFT industry forward by being the first to design gasless minting, batch minting, and royalties, empowering artists and creators to monetize their work via NFTs. Mintable’s gas-free minting option allows the everyday person to get involved with NFTs without any prior knowledge in coding or upfront cost of minting an asset – a great way for everyone to get into crypto. In 2021, Mintable announced the backing of a list of high-caliber investors including renowned venture capitalist and television personality, Mark Cuban, Sound Ventures, a venture capital firm founded by and Ashton Kutcher and Guy Oseary,  and TIME Ventures, the investment fund for Marc Benioff. To date, Mintable has sold and auctioned works by Grammy-Award-winning artists, 20th-century avant-garde artists, and various high-profile artists and celebrities.

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