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NAGA : Meet NAGA Pay – Your All-in-one Personal Finance App

Did you know paying with your smartphone is actually more secure and more efficient than using your credit card?

But that’s only one feature of NAGA Pay – an app that combines an IBAN account, a VISA debit card, a brokerage account, and a Crypto Wallet soon to be released. NAGA Pay simplifies banking as we know it. It allows you to spend, save, invest and manage your money using your smartphone.

Let’s dive deeper in all the benefits you get with NAGA Pay!

Stay up to date with your Finances

NAGA Pay allows you to get on top of your finances with instant notifications every time you spend, deposit or make any changes to your account. Your account balance is updated in real-time, not days after. You can also stay updated with your expenses by going through your transaction records on NAGA Pay.

Pay people and merchants in seconds

Send and receive money from your friends and family instantly. NAGA Pay allows you to pay any of your contacts in just a few simple steps. You do not have to go to the bank, write cheques or even wait for days to send or receive money. All transactions are processed in real-time – as soon as you tap to send, it only takes a few seconds to reflect on the other end.

Be part of a collaborative trading community

NAGA Pay is connected with the entire NAGA platform, allowing you to put your money to work. Trade stocks, CDFs, ETFs, Forex, Cryptocurrencies and many more.

New to investing? Discover the smartest way to trade with NAGA Copy trading. Copy-trading will enable you to replicate top-performing traders’ portfolios automatically.

Use your Visa card anywhere

NAGA Pay supports globally recognized VISA debit cards that are accepted by over 140 million merchants worldwide. Whether it’s your favorite coffee shop or shoe store, you can use NAGA Pay to make payments.

What’s more, NAGA gives you the option to pay with a card account or your investment portfolio. So if you’ve made some profit on your favorite stock and want to spoil yourself, you can choose your investment account, and your assets will be sold in real-time.

Sleep tight thanks to top-tier Security

NAGA Pay is serious about security. We use a two-factor authentication security method to ensure that it’s always you. Your account is always protected by fingerprint, face ID and a password. So, unless it’s you, no one else is getting access to your account. And if by any chance you lose your card or it’s compromised, you can freeze it instantly with one click and get a new one quickly. You can also unfreeze it anytime you want if you need to re-use it. You do not have to rush to a bank for help; everything is within your reach.

Buy Crypto with confidence

As of 2022, NAGA Pay will also allow users to receive, send and exchange their favorite cryptocurrencies in real-time at rates provided by NAGAX through the NAGA Pay Crypto wallet.

Get a Free card delivered to your home

Unlike banks where you have to pay to get a credit card, NAGA Pay is free and can be downloaded from the Apple App Store and Google Play store. We’re also offering friendly pricing options for monthly subscription and different kinds of money transfers.

Sounds good? Download NAGA Pay today and create your account in a few easy steps!

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