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Falconer Village Board of Trustees met Monday to review and discuss the proposed operating budget for 2024-25 at the village’s library.
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FALCONER – Falconer Village Board had one thing on their collective minds at Monday’s working meeting and budget review – saving the taxpayers money wherever they could.

One of the casualties is new pickleball courts in the village.

“It’s just not within our budget this year,” said board member Timothy Dunn. “We need to make sure we are fiscally responsible and pay for what is a priority first.”

Board members recently reviewed the proposed 2024-25 village budget proposal and looked at a variety of line items where they could combine or eliminate non-essential cost burdens, while still maintaining appropriate services, programs and standards at the Falconer Public Library.

One of the main topics, which seemed to dominate a large portion of the discussions, was the constant state of repairs that vehicles assigned to the Department of Public Works were in and the cost associated repairing them versus purchasing replacement vehicles outright.

“The cost of replacing one of the trucks (dump) is around $312,000,” reported Carl Caprino, superintendent of the DPW. “The road grader is closer to $450,000.”

Dunn was quick to point out that trading or selling some of the village’s current fleet would be at a premium for the village prior to the purchase of any equipment and offsetting the total sales cost.

“Right now, the market is driving up the cost of used trucks and equipment,” he said. “By trading in or selling our used trucks we could have a substantial amount toward the purchase of the replacement vehicles.”

The village’s mayor also appeared to have the same thought in mind.

“I don’t like the idea of financing anything if we can help it,” said James Jaroszynski. “We can use or identify left over money to be applied toward the cost, along with selling or trading in older, used equipment.”

All the other trustees appeared to agree with both Jaroszynski and Dunn’s statements. As the board continued – scrubbing the individual line items in the proposed budget for potential savings and cost cutting measures, another potential savings point was identified.

“We have the same salesperson, but four individual bills for services; is there a way to combine the bills that way we’re not being charged line usage fees and surcharges for each bill,” asked Dunn.

The budgetary line item in question revolved around phone, internet and I.T. related products and services.

In other news, the Falconer Volunteer Fire Company is requesting repairs to its hall.

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