Follow The Money — The Top Hedge Funds Of Q1 2024

Hedge funds are an asset class designated explicitly for ultra-wealthy investors. While that may be true, individual investors — regardless of income and net worth — can use hedge funds for guidance.

Individual traders and investors can make more informed decisions by tracking hedge fund activity. But you don’t want to track just any hedge funds. You want to track those that are having the greatest success.

Here are the top hedge funds, measured by performance, for the first quarter of 2024.

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Bridgewater Associates

Assets under management: $124 billion

Bridgewater Associates, founded by Ray Dalio in 1975, stands as one of the world’s preeminent hedge funds.

Specializing in institutional portfolio management, it serves a distinguished clientele, including pension funds, endowments, foundations, foreign governments and central banks. Bridgewater distinguishes itself through a global macroinvesting style, emphasizing economic trends such as inflation and currency exchange rates.

With assets under management amounting to approximately $124 billion as of 2023, it has earned recognition as the world’s largest hedge fund.

Renaissance Technologies

Assets under management: $106 billion

Renaissance Technologies, founded in 1982 by James Simons, is a hedge fund that stands out for its heavy reliance on quantitative analysis, employing a team of scientists and mathematicians to develop its trading algorithms. Initially trading currencies under the name Monemetrics, the firm’s focus on data and mathematical models has set a new standard in the industry.

The Medallion Fund, Renaissance’s flagship, showcases the extraordinary success of its quantitative strategies, boasting average annual returns of 66% before fees since 1988. This performance has significantly outperformed the industry’s biggest names, accumulating trading gains of over $100 billion.

The fund’s approach, rooted in mathematical and statistical models, has remained largely secretive, contributing to its mystique and unparalleled track record in generating profits.

AQR Capital Management

Assets under management: $95 billion

Founded in 1998 by Cliff Asness, David Kabiller, John Liew and Robert Krail, AQR Capital Management is a global investment management firm based in Greenwich, Connecticut. Known for its quantitative, research-driven approach, AQR pioneers in alternative investment strategies, including risk parity and managed futures, aimed at providing low correlation to traditional equity-dominated portfolios.

The firm’s innovative risk parity strategy balances allocations based on underlying risk rather than asset classes, marking its significance in the investment management industry.

Over the years, AQR has expanded its offerings to include alternative mutual funds, which has helped attract a new category of investors.

Two Sigma

Assets under management: $67 billion

Two Sigma, established in 2001 by David Siegel, Mark Pickard and John Overdeck in New York City, is a prominent hedge fund known for using advanced technology such as artificial intelligence, machine learning and distributed computing in its trading strategies.

The fund is recognized for its high rate of return, placing it alongside top competitors like Renaissance Technologies.

Regardless of your trading strategy or goals, knowing how the top hedge funds are performing never hurts.

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