Editors’ Choice 2024: Money and Wellness – Video

Editors' Choice 2024: Money and Wellness

Speaker 1: Here at cnet, we spend thousands of hours every year testing and reviewing products and services to bring you the best of the best. This is CNET S Editor’s Choice Award. CNET T’S highest product recommendation and fewer than 100 products receive this award every year. It all starts with without CNET editors.

Speaker 2: I’ve been testing and reviewing phones for over seven years.

Speaker 3: For about 10 years.

Speaker 4: I’ve been testing [00:00:30] a meal kit for six years, and I’ve been eating them for even longer.

Speaker 5: I’ve been testing reviewing TVs for 25 years.

Speaker 6: I have tested well over 400 different mattresses,

Speaker 3: Phones, wearables,

Speaker 4: Meal kits, and meal delivery services,

Speaker 6: Pillows, sheet sets

Speaker 2: In my lifetime bar. Too many phones to count.

Speaker 5: I tested TV for 15 to 30 hours,

Speaker 6: Dozens upon dozens of hours, at

Speaker 4: Least two weeks.

Speaker 2: I test each phone. I review for over a hundred hours.

Speaker 3: I test for camera quality, [00:01:00] battery life,

Speaker 5: Brightness, color accuracy,

Speaker 2: Performance

Speaker 3: Design, software,

Speaker 4: Recipe variety, inventiveness,

Speaker 6: Comfort, support, quality, how

Speaker 3: It compares to other products in the same price range.

Speaker 2: Do the new features live up to the Hype

Speaker 5: C Net’s Editor’s Choice Award is the best of the best.

Speaker 3: It’s kind of like a badge of honor,

Speaker 4: Something that ticks all the boxes.

Speaker 2: For an editor’s choice, it has to be something I’d buy

Speaker 6: The absolute best value for the consumer.

Speaker 1: [00:01:30] It

Speaker 3: Has to really stand out to us and have a high rating.

Speaker 2: Can’t stop thinking about

Speaker 6: It. It’s something that I feel really good about recommending to my friends and family.

Speaker 1: Throughout the year, you’ll see the CNET Editor’s Choice Badge on the best products and services in a range of categories, from money to mattresses, wellness, streaming services, and of course tech to help you work out what’s worth your time and money. So be on the lookout for this.

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