VIDEO: Technology Crossover Ventures on decades of investing in travel and the next era

Technology Crossover Ventures has been a major feature of the investment world in travel since it raised its first round in the mid 1990s.

Priding itself on backing its portfolio companies for the long-term, TCV’s investments have ranged from investing in companies as diverse as Airbnb and Expedia to, outside of travel, Facebook, Spotify and LinkedIn.

The organization, perhaps unusually for many of the large finance houses, also invests in companies after they’ve gone public – as many of its portfolio businesses have over the years.

So what is the role of a venture capital company like TCV when it brings in new companies to the fold? And how does it nurture those relationships over time?

Part of the answer comes in the close connections it builds with the founders of the startups it invests in – often over many years.

This has been as important as ever over the last two years, as all companies have attempted to figure out what their strategy should be during a global pandemic and how they want to position themselves for the recovery period.

Woody Marshall, a general partner at TCV, explains the organization’s approach to investing and these relationships in an exclusive interview with PhocusWire.

He also details where TCV considers the next opportunities might emerge in travel. 

The full discussion with PhocusWire’s Kevin May is included below:

Technology Crossover Ventures on decades of investing in travel and the next era

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