Oklahoma could learn from OKC’s MAPS investment strategy

Oklahoma City has been breaking ground on projects for decades that improve quality of life. Oklahoma's labor commissioner asks why the state hasn't modeled the city's MAPS strategy.

Once again several of our state government leaders are calling for cutting taxes in the upcoming legislative session. Their carefully worded statements make it seem so appealing. They say we are taking in too much money, more than we need to spend on core services, that our surpluses are too high, that we are overtaxing our citizenry. The thing is, we have heard these arguments before, and they put our state into economic peril. We are finally back on a strong financial path; we must heed the lessons of the past.

In 2023, Oklahoma was in the bottom 10 of all states in overall tax burden, according to WalletHub, a nonpartisan personal finance website. That means that when property, sales, income, motor fuels and all other taxes are combined, we are bottom 10 in the percentage of taxes our residents bear to fund government.

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