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Macy’s, Inc. (NYSE:) director Jeffrey Gennette has recently made significant changes to his holdings in the company’s stock, according to the latest SEC filings. On March 22, 2024, Gennette sold a total of 78,567 shares of Macy’s common stock at an average price of $20.4216, netting approximately $1,604,463 from the sale.

The transactions occurred in multiple trades with prices ranging from $20.32 to $20.63. The sale was reportedly carried out to cover tax withholding obligations upon the vesting of performance restricted shares and was not a discretionary transaction by Gennette.

In addition to the sale, a filing revealed that on March 21, Macy’s withheld 7,312 shares of its common stock valued at $20.79 per share to satisfy Gennette’s tax obligations related to the vesting of accrued dividends on performance restricted stock units. This withholding amounted to $152,016 and did not represent a discretionary transaction by Gennette.

The SEC filing also noted that Gennette was awarded 179,797 shares of Macy’s common stock on the same day, which included 14,323 dividend shares accrued during a three-year performance period. However, this acquisition had no immediate monetary value associated with it, as the shares were granted following a performance period from fiscal 2021 to 2023.

Following these transactions, Gennette’s ownership in Macy’s stock has been adjusted to 994,301 shares. The recent activity in Macy’s stock by a high-ranking company director may be of interest to investors and market watchers, as insider transactions can sometimes provide insights into a company’s financial health and potential future performance.

InvestingPro Insights

As investors digest the latest insider transactions at Macy’s, Inc. (NYSE:M), it’s worth considering some key metrics and insights from InvestingPro that could provide a broader context to the company’s financial health and stock performance.

With a market capitalization of $5.41 billion, Macy’s is recognized as a prominent player in the Broadline Retail industry. Despite the recent insider sales, Macy’s has demonstrated a strong track record of maintaining dividend payments, with a history of 22 consecutive years of dividends. This commitment to returning value to shareholders is often viewed favorably by investors seeking stable income streams. The current dividend yield stands at a notable 3.43%, reflecting the company’s ability to sustain its dividend payouts.

Moreover, the stock has experienced a large price uptick over the last six months, boasting an impressive 85.36% price total return in that period. This surge in stock price might suggest a growing investor confidence in the company’s prospects or market conditions favoring the retail sector.

However, it’s important to note that Macy’s is trading at a high earnings multiple, with a P/E ratio of 51.49. This could indicate that the stock is priced optimistically relative to its earnings. Investors should be aware of this valuation aspect when considering Macy’s stock, especially in light of the eight analysts who have revised their earnings downwards for the upcoming period. This could signal potential headwinds or a recalibration of expectations.

For those interested in further analysis and additional InvestingPro Tips, including whether Macy’s net income is expected to grow this year or if analysts predict the company will be profitable, you can find more comprehensive insights at InvestingPro. To enhance your investment research, use coupon code PRONEWS24 to get an additional 10% off a yearly or biyearly Pro and Pro+ subscription. There are currently 8 more InvestingPro Tips available on Macy’s, providing a deeper dive into the company’s financials and stock performance.

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