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Investing Has a Whole New Language — Here’s Your Cheat Sheet | Personal Finance

Mooning: Yes, this has another, NSFW meaning. But in the investing world, “mooning” is used when referring to a crypto’s price increasing. For example, “Doge is mooning!” means that Dogecoin’s price is currently spiking. Traders will also say an asset is “going to the moon 🌙.”

Paper hands (🧻🤲): Paper hands are the opposite of diamond hands. They may have the same goal as diamond hands, but they sell the asset at the first sign of it going south.

Pump and dump: Pumping and dumping is when traders band together to promote an asset, like a crypto coin, so that it’s price jumps, then they sell it when the price hits a certain point. The term has been around for decades, but has gained a new popularity among the crypto crowd. The pumpers will make money off selling the asset at a high, but everyone else has the potential to lose money. It’s an illegal scheme on regulated exchanges, but since some crypto exchanges are unregulated, it can be hard to catch these bad actors.

Rocket ships (🚀): A rocket ship emoji indicates that the poster thinks that asset is going to soar. It’s often used with the phrase “to the moon” or accompanied by the chart emoji (📈).

Stonks: Originated from a 2017 meme, the intentional misspelling of “stock” is just a funny way to refer to the stock market that’s even made its way to Merriam-Webster’s site. The dictionary says stonks is often used humorously to “imply a vague understanding of financial transactions or poor financial decisions.” Elon Musk likes it, too.

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