Inside ETFs Podcast: Investing Beyond the US with Jonathan Krane

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There are massive economies outside of the United States that offer investors the opportunity to get involved utilizing ETFs alongside other investment products. The Chinese equity and fixed income markets have historically been under-allocated in American portfolios, but in recent years, this has changed significantly. 

In this episode, Douglas Yones, Head of Exchange Traded Products at the New York Stock Exchange, is joined by Jonathan Krane, chief executive officer, KraneShares. He shares his knowledge of the Chinese investment market, why he started KraneShares, and his personal experience while living in China. Jonathan discusses his predictions for the future of investments in China and reveals the opportunities investors may be missing out on today.

Jonathan discusses: 

  • How his career transitioned from media companies to Chinese ETFs
  • What should investors think about investing in China? Are the current headlines a warning sign or an investment opportunity?
  • How advisors should prepare when allocating portfolios for 2022
  • His personal and investment experiences while living in China

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