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Gold & Silver Performance | How gold, silver, platinum performed for week ending February 17, 2022

The scope and attractiveness of alternative investments is increasing. Here’s a weekly tracker of returns from such investments. But don’t compare these with returns from traditional investments since the proportion and purpose of alternative investments is vastly different.

Gold (995) (Rs)

Gold jumped up due to Russia -Ukraine tensions and hit a new 52-week high.


Silver (Rs)

Though significantly down compared to its 52-week high, silver went up by more than 1.5%.


Platinum ($/troy ounce)

Increased traders’ interest, due to its underperformance earlier, helped platinum gain more than 5%.


WTI Crude ($/barrel)

Despite easing a bit due to the prospects of lifting of Iran sanctions, crude oil gained more than 4% during the week.


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