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Financial Advisor Stifel Negotiates Buy Point In Choppy Market

Financial advisor Stifel Financial (SF) looks to broker a return to an earlier buy point as the stock market indexes come under pressure. Stifel joins fellow financial sector stock Blackstone (BX) on IBD Leaderboard.


Earlier this month, Stifel announced that Forbes has named 13 Stifel financial advisors to its list of America’s Top Women Wealth Advisors for 2022. The Forbes list spotlights some 1,375 top advisors across the country, all selected from a pool of 34,500 nominations.

“I am proud to have worked closely with many women in this group to help further the success and recognition of women in the industry and at Stifel,” said Ron Kruszewski, chairman and CEO of Stifel. “Our Women’s Initiative Network plays a major role in helping women at the firm take advantage of the opportunities that this career provides as well as navigate the complexities of the profession.”

See Who Joins Stifel And Blackstone On IBD Leaderboard

Stifel Reports 26th Straight Year Of Record Net Revenue

Based in St. Louis, Mo., Stifel conducts its banking, securities and financial services business through several wholly owned subsidiaries. Among them are Stifel, Nicolaus & Co. in the U.S. and Stifel Nicolaus Europe in the United Kingdom and Europe.

Stifel affiliates provide securities brokerage, investment banking, trading, investment advisory and related financial services. The company provides services to individual investors, professional money managers, businesses and municipalities.

Stifel Bank and Stifel Bank & Trust offer a full range of consumer and commercial lending solutions.

On Jan. 26, Stifel announced record net revenue of $4.7 billion for the year ended Dec. 31. That compared with $3.8 billion a year ago.

CEO Kruszewski noted that 2021 marked the firm’s 26th straight year of record net revenue, as well as its fifth straight year of record earnings per share. Annual EPS growth has now averaged 39% over the last three years.

The performance has earned Stifel, along with Blackstone, a spot on the latest list of new buys by the best mutual funds. It also earns Stifel a strong 97 Composite Rating in Stock Checkup.

Financial Advisor Brokers Buy Point Under Market Pressure

After a nice buildup in strong volume in the right side of its base, Stifel jumped past a 78.70 buy point on Feb. 8. It briefly hit a new all-time high the next day before pulling back as the market came under pressure.

Stifel gave back all those gains, retreating below the initial breakout. But the stock is trying to show resilience and retake the earlier entry. Another way to interpret the chart is a double bottom with a 76.33 buy point.

Coming off its lows Monday, Stifel is now trading 2% below the buy point. It remains well above its 50-day moving average.

Featured on Feb. 9 on the IBD Breakout Stocks Index, Blackstone has also encountered pressure, slipping below its 50-day line.

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