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Fidelity introduces bitcoin ETF and mutual fund

After years of research and investment in bitcoin and blockchain, Fidelity has developed a deep understanding of crypto asset technology’s benefits, risks, and potential for investors. That put it in position to become the first IIROC dealer to offer a crypto trading and custody solution for institutional investors that includes vaulted cold storage; physical, cyber, and operational controls; and innovative safeguards across multiple levels.

That institutional-grade security will be used to store the bitcoin held by the Fidelity Advantage Bitcoin ETF, as well as the Fidelity Advantage Bitcoin ETF Fund, which invests in the ETF. By investing in the ETF and the fund, Canadian investors can get exposure to bitcoin within tax-advantaged registered accounts.

“Whether it is to diversify a portfolio, hedge against inflation or to gain exposure to an emerging asset class, we are excited to bring our innovative investments to the market and offer Canadian investors an opportunity to get exposure to bitcoin and help them meet their financial goals,” Creelman said. 


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