EarlyBird ‘Gifts for Good’ Campaign Generates Over $10,000 in Community Donations to Teach Young Leaders About Investing

Nationwide changemakers from 8 to 14 years old will use funds to learn about investing and building wealth through investment accounts

CHICAGO, Nov. 30, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — EarlyBird, the community investing app, generated $10,000 this year for participants in the company’s ongoing ‘Gifts for Good’ campaign. Launched in March 2021, the program teaches young leaders, philanthropists, and changemakers across the U.S. and internationally about the power of investing not only through capital, but with the added value of community and love as well.

EarlyBird - Introducing the simplest way for parents, family, and friends to collectively invest in a child's financial future, starting at the earliest age. (PRNewsfoto/EarlyBird)

EarlyBird – Introducing the simplest way for parents, family, and friends to collectively invest in a child’s financial future, starting at the earliest age. (PRNewsfoto/EarlyBird)

Each month, EarlyBird selects and nominates a monthly recipient for its Gifts for Good program based on the work and demonstrated impact the child has made in the community. Chosen recipients are awarded $250.00 to invest through EarlyBird. Their stories are then shared with the broader EarlyBird community. Anyone is able to make a contribution to the recipients’ accounts through the EarlyBird app. That money fuels each child’s investing journey, helping fund their dreams of making positive changes around the world.

“Our mission is to empower children to start investing in a way that’s interactive and engaging so they can build funds for their future. The Gifts for Good program has brought to light so many amazing kids who are already making positive, productive changes in their local communities and around the world,” said Jordan Wexler, CEO, and founder of EarlyBird. “Financial literacy is not a priority in our education system, and lack of access to investing tools makes it difficult for children outside of families that already invest in building wealth from a young age. The capital raised through our program goes directly into their EarlyBird accounts that they then use to build wealth and continue to scale all of the incredible work they are doing.”

EarlyBird’s Gifts for Good campaign recipients include:

  • Cavanaugh Bell, 8, Maryland, started the Love is Greater than COVID-19 Community Pantry, which provided food and critical supplies to more than 10,000 elderly community members in need.

  • Jahkil Jackson, 14, Illinois, created “Blessing Bags” – bags of toiletries that he handed out in his hometown, which grew to help 50,000 men, women, and children worldwide, from Chicago to Switzerland.

  • Jonah Larson, 13, Wisconsin, founded Jonah’s Hands, a crocheting business that donates part of its profits to local charities, including the orphanage where he was adopted as an infant.

  • Hayley Orlinsky, 8, Illinois, made more than 15,000 bracelets to raise money for her local hospital where doctors and nurses were running out of supplies. In 2020, she raised more than $50,000 for the Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago.

  • Chelsea Phaire, 12, Connecticut, started Chelsea’s Charity to assemble art kits for kids through donations. In a further effort to break down access barriers to art, Chelsea volunteers her time to teach her favorite art techniques to other kids in her community.

  • Aiden Taylor, 12, New York, channeled his extra time and energy during the pandemic to write a book called “Me and My Afro” to promote self-love and his personal adventures rocking his favorite hairstyle.

  • Khloe Thompson, 14, California, built a platform through which she aims to inspire other kids to bridge gaps that exist in society today. When she was 8, she launched her “Kare Bag” program, which donated a tote bag filled with everyday essentials to community members in need. In 2016, Khloe also helped raise $12,000 to install water pumps for a school in Ghana.

  • Jaxson Turner, 14, Texas, founded Never Too Young To Care (N2Y2C), a nonprofit organization dedicated to giving back to people experiencing homlessness, domestic violence, and poverty. N2Y2C has raised over $72,000 in just four years.

  • Sammie Vance, 12, Indiana, started an organization that transforms recycled plastic into Buddy Benches. Each bench collects 200 pounds of recycled plastic from the community and creates a friendly place where kids can sit to help find new friends. She has helped over 200 organizations install Buddy Benches to date.

EarlyBird is excited to continue to grow this program in 2022 and beyond through larger investments and more participation from the greater community. Along with the recipients of Gifts for Good, EarlyBird, since launching in late 2020, has helped more than 20,000 families of all income levels and backgrounds across the country start their child’s investing journey.

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About EarlyBird
EarlyBird is a gifting platform that empowers parents, family, and friends to collectively invest in a child’s financial future, starting at the earliest age. Their focus is transforming financial gifting, making it personal, purposeful, and timeless, empowering future generations with financial freedom and the ability to change the world.

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