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DWP update as £800 payment available to Britons before Christmas | Personal Finance | Finance

The DWP oversees a number of important payments, but one of its key aims is to help those in dire straits financially. One of the main methods it uses to do so is Universal Credit, designed to help those on a low income, out of work or unable to work. It is through this benefit that certain families may be eligible for a payment of up to £800.

However, people can get more money in certain circumstances if they should so need further assistance.

Single people are entitled to up to £348, while those part of a couple could get anywhere up to £464.

The highest amount is reserved for those who have children, with a Budgeting Advance worth up to £812.

Familial circumstances, however, are not the only factor taken into consideration when it comes to determining how much someone will get.

Instead, a Budgeting Advance is classified by the DWP as a loan, meaning it must be repaid at a later date.

This usually occurs through a person’s future Universal Credit payments, meaning their sum will be lower until the advance is totally repaid.

People can expect to be told how much their payments will be reduced by.

To be eligible for a Budgeting advance, a person must have been receiving Universal Credit or another eligible benefit for six months or more, unless they need the funds to help them start a new job or keep an existing one.

They must have also earned less than £2,600 – or £3,600 jointly for couples – in the last six months.

A Budgeting Advance can be requested if a person gets in touch with their local Jobcentre Plus work coach.

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