CT men used fake ID to siphon money from bank account

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Connecitcut State Police cruiser

Connecitcut State Police cruiser

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SOUTHBURY — Police have arrested two men they said attempted to use a fake ID and credit card to link a victim’s bank account to one of theirs to siphon money.

Conrad Carvey, 44, of Oakville, and Victor Ventura, 28, of Waterbury, were both arrested on Nov. 30, state police said Monday. Carvey was charged with criminal attempt at identity theft, criminal impersonation and credit card theft among other charges, while Ventura is facing conspiracy charges related to the incident, according to state police.

State police said Southbury Police were alerted to the incident around 4:45 p.m. that day, after they were notified of a “possible fraud in progress” at the Chase Bank on Main Street.

Dispatchers reported that two men were in the lobby of the bank, and that bank personnel had flagged them as “acting suspicious and possibly trying to defraud someone,” state police said in a news release on Monday.

Police said they determined Carvey “was attempting to use a fake Rhode Island license and a fake credit card to link the victim’s account to that of Victor Ventura’s,” the statement said. Once the two accounts were linked, the money could have been “funneled” from the victim’s account to the one controlled by Ventura, state police said.

Both men told police they had “no intention of stealing from the victim,” state police said, and claimed to have been paid by a “third party” to perform the tasks.

Carvey and Ventura were each later released on $10,000 bonds. Both have court dates in Waterbury Superior Court later this month.

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