Ari Fleischer: Criminals making the ‘rational decision’ to make their money in crime

Former White House press secretary Ari Fleischer joined “America Reports” Friday to discuss what the Biden administration is doing to tackle the crime crisis.

ARI FLEISCHER: In a time when so many things feel like they are not going right in America, between COVID and inflation and the bad economy. You add crime to it, on a local level, and boy it’s a palpable sense that people feel like it is just not working. Crime is an instant emotion for most people, and if the situation continues to deteriorate, it will be taken out of government officials. The real problem here is that criminals are sensible. They make a two-part calculation. One, if I commit a crime will I get caught? Two, if I get caught am I going to get put away? If the system is too lax, it is a rational decision for people to make their money and crime. That’s where you need to have tough law enforcement and tough criminal codes.


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