Savings: Intesa-Einaudi research, slow forward on alternative and innovative investments (including bitcoin)

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New and alternative investments are beginning to become aware of savers, but they do so very slowly. The PIRs, intended to link savings with real investments, particularly of small and medium-sized enterprises, were considered by just 2.5% per sample, but for each effective subscriber there are 6 undecided that could invest in them in the future (14 among employees, a category that has more liquidity than average). This is what emerges from the annual research on savings and financial choices of Italians 2021 presented today by Einaudi and Intesa Sanpaolo.

Bitcoins fascinate just 5% of respondents (without necessarily having bought these tools). “They find potential admirers at the crossroads of young, wealthy and educated savers – the survey reads -. security (which remains the first feature desired by savers even in the most dynamic categories), given the high volatility of cryptocurrencies and the fact that they do not enjoy the traditional protection of Mifid “.

6.7% of the sample – rising to 14% among graduates – is interested in ethical investments with a positive impact on the environment and society: the financial sector is taking up this request by focusing on the classification and ESG selection of investments. However, being of a new type, the classic behavior of Italian savers is to introduce these investments into their portfolios ‘in small doses’.

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