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4BIO Capital Announces Strategic Partnership with Harbor

4BIO Capital Announces Strategic Partnership with Harbor Capital Advisors

  • 4BIO Capital appointed as highly specialized asset manager for Harbor’s disruptive innovation strategy after competitive manager due diligence process
  • Partnership is first for Harbor in the advanced therapies space and reflects 4BIO Capital’s leading expertise in this field
  • New INNO ETF offers investors distinctly differentiated access to disruptive innovation with a unique selection of specialized asset managers

2 December 2021

LONDON – 4BIO Capital (“4BIO” or “the Group”), an international asset management firm focused solely on the advanced therapies sector, announces today that it has been appointed as a highly specialized asset manager for the Harbor Disruptive Innovation ETF (“INNO”), launched today by Harbor Capital Advisors, Inc. (“Harbor”), a premier investment management firm offering access to specialized expertise across a range of investment strategies and vehicles.

Managed by Spenser Lerner, Head of Harbor’s Multi-Asset Solutions Team, and Kristof Gleich, President and CIO of Harbor, INNO is an actively managed and fully transparent multi-strategy ETF that offers increased exposure to transformational, disruptive and innovative themes across sectors, market capitalizations and regions. Harbor has determined allocations to underlying asset managers through rigorous manager due diligence, choosing investment styles to help maximize the portfolio’s diversification benefits and help manage risk. Harbor’s Disruptive Innovation strategy is available in the newly launched ETF vehicle and a mutual fund vehicle – Harbor Disruptive Innovation Fund – which had total assets of $321M as of 31 November 2021.

In Harbor’s first ever appointment of an advanced therapies focused manager, 4BIO’s team of leading advanced therapy scientists and experienced life science investors will apply its deep expertise to invest solely within the advanced therapies sector to unlock the potential of one of the fastest growing areas in modern medicine that offers potentially curative treatments to areas of high unmet medical and social need.

The experience and proficiency of 4BIO’s team will seek to identify disruptive companies, which aim to transform their respective disease areas. Targeted investment in these novel, emerging companies has the potential to accelerate the development of their groundbreaking therapies to get to patients faster. By investing its respective allocation from INNO in its area of expertise of gene therapy, gene editing, cell therapy, RNA therapy, targeted therapies and microbiome companies, 4BIO will have the opportunity to maximize profitability of the allocation.

Andrew Kozlov, Managing Partner at 4BIO Capital, said: “4BIO Capital’s mission is to support and grow advanced therapy companies with the ultimate goal of ensuring sustainable access to drugs that have the potential to cure chronic disease. We are excited to be collaborating with Harbor on this new disruptive innovation ETF which will leverage our leading expertise and deep knowledge in one of the most exciting spaces in healthcare therapeutic development.”

Spenser Learner, Portfolio Manager and Head of Multi-Asset Solutions at Harbor Capital Advisors, said: “We are delighted to announce our Disruptive Innovation ETF which we believe, through our multifaceted strategy, is clearly differentiated, possesses distinct advantages and offers compelling access to opportunities in disruptive innovation. We are also pleased to enter a mutually beneficial collaboration with 4BIO Capital and are confident that 4BIO’s expertise and experience with investing in advanced therapies has the potential to serve investors well.”

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About 4BIO Capital

4BIO Capital is an international asset management firm focused solely on the advanced therapies sector based in London.

4BIO’s objective is to invest in, support, and grow early stage companies developing treatments in areas of high unmet medical need, with the ultimate goal of ensuring access to these potentially curative therapies for all patients. Specifically, it looks for viable, high-quality opportunities in cell and gene therapy, RNA-based therapy, targeted therapies, and the microbiome.

The 4BIO team comprises leading advanced therapy scientists and experienced life science investors who have collectively published over 250 scientific articles in prestigious academic journals including Nature, The Lancet, Cell, and the New England Journal of Medicine. 4BIO has both an unrivalled network within the advanced therapy sector and a unique understanding of the criteria that define a successful investment opportunity in this space.

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About Harbor
Harbor offers a diverse family of cost-aware investment solutions managed by institutional-caliber firms. We source talented investment teams to manage portfolios and apply a rigorous fiduciary oversight program to monitor their performance and investment decisions. Harbor had combined assets under management of approximately $63 billion as of September 30, 2021. For more information, visit


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Foreside Fund Services, LLC is the Distributor of the Harbor ETF Trust and the Harbor Disruptive Innovation ETF.

Harbor Funds Distributors, Inc. is the Distributor of the Harbor Disruptive Innovation mutual fund.

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